1. Download Descript

Mac users: Download the Descript Mac app for free and create an account. Then continue reading this document!

2. Take the tutorial

When you launch Descript for Mac for the first time you'll be prompted to open the Tutorial document. Do it! It's the best way to learn the basics of Descript. You can always access the Tutorial again from Help > Open Tutorial .

3. Transcribe something

Your account includes 30 minutes of free transcription. Just drag an audio file into an empty project and you'll have a transcript in a few minutes.

4. Refer your friends

Now that you've wasted through the 30 minutes of free transcription included with your account, earn more by getting your friends to sign up with your referral link. Every time someone signs up for Descript, we'll give you both 100 minutes.

5. Make sure you've internalized the two most important things in the tutorial.

6. Learn to use the Waveform Editor

We don't go into much depth on the Waveform Editor in the Tutorial, so learn about it here.

7. Learn the other keyboard shortcuts

You haven't really lived until you've mastered the Descript keyboard shortcuts.

8. Get fast at transcript correction

With a little practice, you'll be able to correct transcription errors while hardly ever pausing the audio. Here are our top correction tips.

9. Share your feedback

Click on that little chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen and tell us what you think of Descript so far.

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