If you're working with a team on a large Descript Project and are getting bogged down because it takes a long time to upload your changes to Descript Drive, then this article is for you.

Descript Drive offers an advanced option called Bounce audio when saving to Descript Drive . This option is enabled by default, but you can uncheck it to speed up the process of saving a Project to Descript Drive.

What does it do? When you save your Project to Descript Drive, Descript normally generates a 'bounce' (i.e., an exported audio file) of your Project, which is used when someone listens to the Project via the web. This can take a while to generate, because it involves processing all of the cuts and edits you've applied to your audio — for every Composition.

When you uncheck Bounce audio when saving to Descript Drive , Descript skips this step. Everything else stays the same — you can still sync your edits to Descript Drive and collaborate with your team, and the saving process should be much zippier.

The only thing that won't work normally is audio played back from the web version of the Project, which won't reflect any changes you make after unchecking Bounce audio when saving to Descript Drive .

You can always re-check the box later: if you do, the next time you Save changes to Descript Drive Descript will generate the bounced audio normally, and the audio on the web version of the project will be updated too.

To access the option, click on the Cloud button in the upper right-hand corner of the app, then the Gear icon in the Descript Drive window.

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