There are two main versions of the Descript app. For the purpose of this article, we'll refer to them as follows.

"Descript Classic" is the currently available Mac version. It's the only version of Descript that supports audio editing. It looks like this:

"New Descript" is a rewrite of Descript that's the currently available Windows version. You can transcribe and correct transcripts, but can't edit audio (yet). We also have a version of New Descript available for Mac in beta. It looks like this:

If you're wondering why there are two version of Descript Mac, you can read about it here.

Project FIles

Descript Project Files work a little differently in Descript Classic and New Descript.

In Descript Classic, your Projects are saved as files on your computer hard drive. You can manually upload them to Descript Drive. Every time you make an edit to your Project in Descript Classic, you'll need to manually save the changes to Descript Drive.

In New Descript, Projects are automatically saved and synced to your Descript Drive.

Working with collaborators

When you share a Project with a collaborator:

  • If they're using Descript Drive, they will need to download that Project to their local computer through File > Download from Descript Drive. If they make edits, they'll need to manually save those edits back to the Descript Drive (by clicking the cloud icon in the upper right).
  • If they're using New Descript, the Project will automatically show up in the app and they'll be able to work on it without downloading anything.
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