Descript Drive is a powerful and efficient way to work on the same Descript Project, but it differs from some other tools. The main thing to remember is that Descript allows one person to edit a given Project at a time (though multiple people can view a Project concurrently).

This is different from the way tools like Google Docs work, which let many people edit the same document simultaneously. Descript Projects contain relatively large audio files that would make concurrent editing perilous — which is why only one editor is allowed at a time.

This video explains these concepts in more detail, and demonstrates a straightforward workflow for collaborating with someone.

The Active Editor

When you start editing a Descript Project that's been shared on Descript Drive, you become the Active Editor on the project. That means you're the only one who can edit it — and your collaborators will be 'locked out' from making edits until you've finished. They can still download and view the project, but they can't make any edits until they become the Active Editor. There can only be one Active Editor at a time.

If you attempt to make edits and there isn't currently an Active Editor, Descript will prompt you to confirm that you'd like to become the Active Editor of a shared project. To proceed, click Make me Active Editor.

Your collaborators will also be notified when they are not the Active Editor — they'll see a message like this one:

When the Active Editor saves their changes to Descript Drive, all of their collaborators will get a prompt alerting them that an updated version of the Project is available. If you aren't viewing the Project when the updates are submitted, you'll see the prompt the next time you open the Project.

When you click Update Now , you'll see a prompt asking if you'd like to Save Over Current Project or Save to a New Location . This is important, so make sure you understand what each one does.

Save updated project as...

When in doubt: choose Save to a New Location

Choosing Save Over Current Project will overwrite the version of the Project you currently have open with the version your collaborator recently saved to Descript Drive.

This is often what you want. But if you've made edits to your document locally and have not yet saved them to Descript Drive, then you probably don't want to overwrite (i.e. delete) them. This scenario can arise if you've been editing your Project while offline (e.g. on a plane), and a collaborator became the Active Editor in the interim.

The safer option is to Save to a New Location, which downloads the updated project from Descript Drive while preserving the 'old' version you already have open. Every time you do this you'll create a new copy of the Project you're working on, which can eat up storage space if you're working with large files.

For more information on Descript Drive, see our Descript Drive Overview.

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