Normal conversation contains pauses, which often convey emphasis or the end of a thought. Of course, sometimes these pauses are awkwardly long or too short — and sometimes the editing process creates gaps that don’t sound quite right.

That’s why Descript includes a handy Word Gap adjustment tool. To use it, click on the word after the gap you're adjusting, then use the panel pictured above to tweak the length of the gap.

The number indicates the time (in seconds) between the word you’ve selected and the word that comes before it. The ideal gap length is highly dependent on its context in the recording, so we recommend you adjust it and listen back a few times to discern what feels right.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We also have a bunch of great keyboard shortcuts so you can nudge a word gap up or down without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

  • Edit Word Gap from Script Command + Option + G
  • Nudge Word Gap by .1s Command + Option + Up/Down Arrow
  • Nudge Word Gap by .5s Command + Option + Shift + Up/Down Arrow

If you need to make more substantial modifications to your audio, try using Descript's powerful Wordbar waveform editor.

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