When you’re making corrections to your transcript, it’s often essential to listen to the associated audio simultaneously. This involves some tricky multitasking, and makes conventional transcription a frustrating exercise in stop-and-go.

To address this, Descript features Patient Playback, employing sophisticated algorithms to recognize when you’re making corrections so it can pause and slow down playback automatically — just when you need it.

To enable Patient Playback, click the speedometer icon at the top of the app and check the appropriate box. Next, start making corrections in Correcting Text Mode (use Command + E to switch between Correcting Text and Edit Audio mode); you'll see that the playhead slows down whenever you're typing.

Most of the time Patient Playback is all you need to edit your transcript efficiently. But sometimes it makes sense to slow down — or speed up — playback across the entire document. To learn more, read our article on Playback Speed Options.

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