To save a Project to Descript Drive, click on the Cloud button in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Next, click Upload to Descript Drive .

Descript will upload your Project to Descript Drive. This may take a while if you’re working with large audio files (subsequent updates to your Project will generally be much quicker, because Descript intelligently uploads your edits, and not the entire Project).

Descript will display a progress indicator as it is uploading. When your Project is successfully saved to Descript Drive, you’ll see the message below:

Saving Changes to Descript Drive

If you've made edits to your Descript Project that haven't yet been saved to Descript Drive, you'll see an orange dot on the Cloud button — which indicates there are unsynced changes.

To save your changes to Descript Drive, click the Cloud button and then, Save changes to Descript Drive .

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