With just a couple of clicks, you can publish your Descript Project to the web. This allows you to create an online interactive transcript, accessed from a link you can send to friends & colleagues — or the general public. Collaborators who have the link can read, listen to, and leave comments on your Project.

You can make your Project as private (or not) as you'd like using Descript Drive's granular privacy settings.

How to publish your Project to the web

To get started, you'll first need to save your Project to Descript Drive. To do that, click the Cloud button in the upper-right corner of the app, and then Upload to Descript Drive .

This may take a while if you're working with large audio files. For more information, read our article on Saving a Project to Descript Drive.

Once your Project is finished uploading, click the Share button to access this panel.

The first thing to notice is the section that says Who can access this project. By default, Projects are shared with Specific People (or Just you, if you haven't shared it with anyone else). If you'd like to share your Project more broadly, without having to manually invite each person, adjust this setting to say Anyone with the link, like this:

The link you see (beginning https://web.descript.com...) is where the web version of your Project lives. You can easily copy this link to your clipboard by clicking on it, like so:

When you paste that link into your web browser, you'll see the web version of your Project. You can share this link with friends, colleagues, your newsletter — wherever you'd like. Clicking on it will take them to the web version of your Project (assuming they have permission to view it), where they can listen to and leave comments on your transcript.

Just like the Descript app, you can "punch in" to the audio anywhere in the web transcript: just click on the desired position in the transcript and then click the Play button in the upper left corner, or press option + spacebar.

Also see this Help Desk article for more on Collaborative Commenting.

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