Descript makes editing audio as simple as using a word processor to edit text.

Before we learn how to use it, let's get to know Descript's different parts.

The Script

The Script is where you edit audio by editing text, correct transcripts, and spend most of your time when working with Descript.

The Sidebar

The Sidebar is where you can see an overview your project including all of your Compositions and the uncut Transcripts in your Media Library.

You can also see how many minutes of free transcription remain on your account.

The Header

The Header is where you view your current project's file name, play and pause audio within Descript, view playback time, jump to markers, and publish your project to the web to share with collaborators.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar is where you access Descript's different Text Editing Modes and find Descript's document formatting options.

The Waveform Editor

The Waveform Editor is where you clean up and tweak your edits, add and remove silence, and add fades and crossfades. The Waveform Editor's Wordbar lets you directly manipulate words from the waveform editor.

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