Descript Drive features Version History, which means you can restore any previous version of your Project that was saved to Descript Drive. To learn more about saving a Project to Descript Drive, see this Help Desk article.

To access the Version History of your Project, first you'll need to open the Project's web view. You can do this by opening the Share panel and copying the link. Then paste the link into your web browser.

To access Version History, click the Calendar button on the far-right side of the screen. You'll see a list of every version of the Project that has been saved to Descript Drive.

Restoring a Version

To restore a Project to a previous version, hover your mouse over the desired version and click the Restore button that appears next to it. You'll be asked to confirm your selection.

Once you confirm, your Project will reload in the browser — and you'll see the version of the Project that you just restored. The restored version will be treated as the most recent update to the Project, and your collaborators will be notified accordingly.

If you'd like to edit your restored Project in the Descript desktop app, go to the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the web app (the colored circle with your initials) and select Open in Descript for Mac.

Previewing a Version

You can preview a version in Descript Drive by clicking on the version's title (but not on the Restore button). Descript will load and display the version in read-only mode; you can then opt to Restore it, or to keep working on the current version of the Project.

Note that changes you make on your computer but did not save to Descript Drive can't be restored this way.

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