Descript's commenting system makes it easy to give feedback regarding a project's audio or text transcript — exactly where your thoughts are most relevant.

First, you'll need to make sure you've logged in to your Descript account. Then, to leave a comment on a project, just select the text you'd like to comment on, and tap the Comment button that appears above it.

Now, type your comment in the comment box that appears on the right side of the text. Your comment will automatically sync to all of your collaborators, including on the project's web view and in the Descript desktop app. Note: you can currently only create comments from a Project's web view.

Any time someone comments on you project, you will receive an e-mail notification.

You can reply by clicking on the comment in the text and typing your reply.

You can also reply by hovering over the Comment Box on the right side of the text, clicking the Reply button below the comment, and typing your reply.

You can Archive comments by clicking on the comment and clicking the Archive button at the upper right of the comment window.

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