In a sentence: Descript is a new type of audio editor that lets you edit audio by editing text (instead of waveforms).

That means it does transcription (both automated and human-powered, whichever you prefer), but more interestingly, it lets you move the audio around by simply editing the transcript.

If you're new to editing audio, you'll find it much more intuitive than cutting up waveforms - it's basically like using a word processor. If you're experienced, Descript is faster than waveform editing - and more fun.

If you work with voice audio (as opposed to music), Descript is what the future looks like.

Descript's key features:

  • Audio word processing: View voice audio files as text instead of waveforms — and then edit the audio by editing text.
  • Transcription: Fast, cheap, and accurate (details here)
  • Web Publishing and Commenting: Publish your Project to the Web and share the link so colleagues and listen and leave comments on your interactive transcript.
  • Waveform Editor: For fine-tuned trims and crossfades, Descript has a full-featured waveform editor. It’s got something you won’t find anywhere else — the Word Bar. Just grab a word tab to add/remove silence between words.

Check out the Descript homepage for images and videos illustrating these concepts.

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