At the center of Descript is the world's best automatic transcription service. Here's what makes Descript shine at transcription:

  • Highest accuracy: See how we compare to other services.
  • Most affordable: Just 7ยข per minute.
  • Fastest: Transcribing an hour of audio takes 2.5 minutes, on average.
  • Best correction tools: Tools like Patient Playback make Descript up to 5x faster than transcribing by hand.
  • Multitrack transcription with automatic speaker labels: Get perfectly accurate speaker labels for recordings with multiple microphones, like phone/video conferences.
  • Upgrade to Human Transcription: When automatic transcription won't cut it, upgrade to White Glove transcription with one click.

But automatic transcription is just the beginning of what Descript has to offer - it's the world's first audio word processor, letting you edit audio by editing text.

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