Speakers are a great way to label who is talking within your project.

They also allow you to choose which Synthesized Speech Voice is assigned to your Scratch Audio.

Adding Speaker Labels to a Document

Adding Speaker Labels to a Composition or Transcript is easy, just press Command + R and a new Speaker will be created at your cursor's position.

Once the Speaker has been added, you can change the name by typing over the default label.

  • Typing an existing name will insert an existing speaker.
  • Typing a new name will insert a new speaker.
  • If you'd like to change name of the Speaker again, just click on it to make it editable.

You can also create a new Speaker Label from the Speaker Menu by choosing "New Speaker."

Once the new speaker has been added, you can change the name by typing over the default Speaker Label.

  • If you'd like to change the Speaker Label again, just click on it.

Editing Speakers

You can edit your Speakers from the 'Edit Speakers' section within the Speaker Menu in the document toolbar. This opens your 'Document Settings'

From the Edit Speakers window, you can change

  • The Speaker Label: these are the labels displayed within your document.
  • Synthesized Speech Voice; useful when you are using synthesized speech to generate scratch audio
  • and Synthesized Speech Talking Speed.

You can also preview Synthesized Speech Voices & talking speed and remove existing Speakers by clicking on the red 'X' to the far right on the 'Edit Speakers' window.

One more thing...

All of the above can be accessed by clicking the Insert menu in the menu bar and then navigating to the 'Speaker Label' submenu.

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