You can use Fades and Crossfades to clean up your edits.

Fades are useful when you want to clean up an edit that butts up against silence.

Crossfades are useful when you're cleaning up an edit between two regions.

Adding Fades

To add a fade, click the Fade Tab near a the top of a region boundary.

The pointer should change to the triangular Fade Tool. Now, drag away from the region boundary to create and extend the fade.

Clicking the Fade Tab again allows you to change the length of the fade.

Once a fade is created, you can change it's shape.

To change a fade's shape, hover over the fade. You should see 2 Fade Shape icons that represent fade shape.

Clicking on one of these icons will change the shape of the fade.

Adding Crossfades

There are a few ways to add a crossfade to an edit.

  • Select the area you'd like to contain the crossfade. Now, move your mouse to the upper left hand corner of the selection and click the "add crossfade" button.
  • Create a Fade Out at the end of a Region. Create a Fade In at the beginning of the adjacent region. Hover your mouse at the Fade Tab of either fade to see the Fade Adjustment Icons. Click on the Create Crossfade from the Fade Shape icons (the icon farthest to the right).

You can manipulate the size of a crossfade by placing your mouse pointer on the Fade Tab.

Click and drag to extend or decrease the duration of the fade.

You can change the curve of each fade within a crossfade by clicking the Fade Shape icon for the desired fade shape.

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