Descript's stores all of the Transcripts you've generated within a project in the Media Library.

Generally you're not going to be working in the Media Library, but it's useful to have access to the uncut Transcripts. For example, you may use a Transcript located in the Media Library bring a bit of deleted audio back into a Composition, to make a new composition out of an existing Transcript, or to upgrade an Automated Transcription to our White Glove service.

The Media Library is located in the project sidebar, below the Compositions.

Clicking on an audio file within the Media Library loads its Transcript.

To add a new file to the Media Library within a project, just drag it into Descript or click the Import VO button at the bottom of the Media Library.

Working with Transcripts in the Media Library.

You can correct Transcripts in the Media Library just like you'd correct a file using correct text mode within a composition.

If you'd like to pull a piece of audio out of a Transcript within the Media Library, just select the words you'd like and copy and paste them into a composition.

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