Descript's Waveform Editor is a powerful tool for fine-tuning your audio edits.

While you'll mostly be editing audio through the script view, the Waveform Editor is handy for:

  • Fine-tuning script-based audio edits (i.e. adjusting the boundary trim, adding crossfades)
  • Adding or removing space between words

Waveform Zoom

Moving the waveform zoom slider right and left lets you zoom in and out on your waveform. You can also use your mouse wheel when your mouse is hovered over the waveform editor.

Title Bar

Use this to determine the name of the audio file of files being displayed in the waveform editor.


The playhead displays the position within the audio that is currently being played.

Time Ruler

The Time Ruler shows you the time you are currently listening to within your Compositon.

Region Boundaries

Region boundaries are the beginning and end of a region.

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