If you're here, it's probably because you received this error message when trying to add or remove a large chunk of text from your script:

Here’s some context for why this happens:

The purpose of Correct Text Mode is to help you fix transcription errors — so you should hopefully only be editing one or two words at a time. Once you make your fixes, Descript will quickly re-scan the region to sync your corrected text to its corresponding audio.

Sometimes people try to add or delete large blocks of text in Correct Text Mode. This can really confuse Descript’s algorithms, because the changes you make in Correct Text Mode don’t alter the audio portion of your document. Descript is trying to match your unmodified audio with your modified text, and the pieces don’t line up.

Imagine taking the stage for a karaoke singalong — but your nemesis has fiddled with the on-screen lyrics and deleted an entire verse. At some point in the song, it’s going to get pretty confusing. It’s kind of like that.

But wait: it’s time to explore Edit Audio Mode.

When you delete text in Edit Audio Mode, the accompanying audio gets deleted too. That means your audio and text stay properly aligned, even if you delete large sections at a time.

If you add text in Edit Audio Mode, Descript will synthesize placeholder audio as you type (you can record over this later). This way, your text and audio still stay aligned, even if you type out several paragraphs.

Occasionally, there are instances where it does make sense to add or remove a large block of text at once — for those situations, use manual resync.

You can toggle between Correct Text and Edit Audio mode with the keyboard shortcut Command+E, or using the dropdown menu at the top of the app.

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