For many Descript customers, data security and privacy are top priorities. We keep your data secure and private through a customer-friendly privacy policy and by employing technologies and services that make security their top priority.


Descript uses Google’s Speech-to-Text service to provide transcription. Google cannot use/access the data for any purpose other than completing the transcription, and deletes it from their servers shortly after completing the service. As the only HIPAA compliant automatic transcription service, Google offers the most secure and privacy-friendly transcription you can find. For more, check out Google Cloud’s Security Whitepaper and Data Processing Terms.

After the initial transcription, Descript stores your audio and transcription data on Amazon AWS, the same service used by the CIA and thousands of other organizations with the utmost privacy concerns. Your data is only accessible to you, and the authenticated users that you explicitly share it with. Access is granted using industry-standard best practices.

All communication is encrypted over HTTPS, the industry standard for secure internet transactions. This means that the data that you send to and from Descript is secure, even if your network is not secure (e.g. even if you are on a public Wi-Fi network).

Our Privacy Policy

Other than the above, Descript does not share your data with anyone outside of Descript for any reason. We only use your audio and transcription data to offer you the Descript service, and improve the quality of our service. See our privacy policy for more.

Data Deletion

You can permanently delete your audio and transcription data from our servers by emailing us at

White Glove (Human Transcription) Security

If you request our White Glove transcription service, by its nature, people will be required to access your audio. These Descript employees and contractors are all operating under strict confidentiality agreements.

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