Yes, if you’re using Multitrack Transcription (introduced in Descript 1.3).

Multitrack recordings that consist of a different speaker on each audio track (one speaker per track) will be automatically labeled accordingly.

A high-quality recording with isolated speakers on separate tracks can yield a transcript with near-perfect speaker labeling.

Descript will automatically label each speaker based on the name of their respective audio file. You can easily change these names by going to
Insert → Speaker Label → Edit Speakers…

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Recordings that are not using Multitrack (i.e. that include multiple speakers in a single audio file) are not labeled automatically.

Descript will transcribe such multi-speaker files with brilliant accuracy, but we're not currently adding speaker labels automatically in these cases.

We make it easy to add speaker labelsCmd + R is a handy shortcut — and while there are technology solutions for automatically inserting speaker labels, we haven't found anything that works really well in these cases yet. It's a priority, but we're taking the time to get it right!

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