We don't recommend using Dropbox to sync Descript projects, for the reasons outlined here. If you can, we highly recommend using Descript Drive instead — the cloud storage service built into Descript. Learn more about Descript Drive here.

However, there is a way to work with Dropbox that is relatively safe (though you do so at your own risk — make backups!). Here is the general protocol:

  1. Download your Descript project to your computer. Make sure you wait for the download to complete. If you're downloading from Dropbox's web interface, you need to make sure you download the entire folder that comprises your Package.
  2. Work on your Descript project locally, i.e. save it to a folder that is not synced with Dropbox.
  3. When you're done working and ready to upload to Dropbox, Compress (ZIP) your Descript project, then drag the ZIP into your Dropbox folder. You can learn how to Compress your project in this video.
  4. Remember that your ZIP file may take a long time to finish uploading to Dropbox, especially if you're working on a big project.
  5. Your ZIP file should sync properly with other computers connected to your Dropbox account (and you can download it via Dropbox's web interface).

In other words, when you're saving to Dropbox — ZIP your Descript file first.

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